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SMC mould

Product description

SMC is sheet moulding

SMC is a mixture of polymer resin, inert fillers, fiber reinforcement, catalysts, pigments, stabilizers, release agents and thickeners. Manufacturing of SMC is continuous in-line process.

This process produces high strength, complex parts in a wide variety of sizes. Matched metal dies are mounted in a hydraulic molding press. The material charge is manually or robotically placed in the mold; the heated mold halves are closed, and up to 2000 psi of pressure is applied. Cycle time ranges from one to five minutes, depending on part size and thickness. Features such as ribs, bosses and inserts can be molded in

SMC sanitary mould is mainly applied to compression molding of proofed plate, hand wash basin, bathtub, unit bathroom and such products. The products are featured with sound surface finish, high strength, high thermal stability, excellent stain resistance. With the experience of making over thousand moulds, U-trust can also offer OEM service.

Compression molded fiberglass parts are characterized by net size and shape, two excellent finished surfaces, and outstanding part-to-part repeatability. Trimming and finishing costs are minimal.

In-mold coating and vacuum system in the tool are available to improve surface paint ability, eliminating the need for primer.

Color compounds can be customized

Male and female tools are commonly made for tool-grade steel. Where pressure is <400psi, other tooling material can be used . tools are generally capable of running temps of 150 degree and pressures about 1000 psi(depending on contour of the part)


The advantage of SMC molding parts is as follows:

Good dimensional stability, including excellent thermal resistance

Pigmentable for molded-in color; best apperance with mold texture

Excellent property retention in cold and hot environments

Suitable for outdoor use in applications involving UV exposure and water

SMC automobile component mould is mainly applied to compression molding of interior and exterior accessories and structural components of automobiles, engineering vehicles and farm machineries. The products are featured with sound surface finish, high strength, and aging resistance. At present, it is also widely applied to rail transit, yachts and such large vehicles. With the technologies of SMC/ BMC/ GMT/ LFT/ CFRT (carbon-fiber reinforced plastics) compression moulding and BMC injection moulding, we have many successful experiences.


SMC mould is widely applied to automobils, electric apparatus insulation, industrial and contruction fields, the products are featured with low price, high strength, high moulding precision, excellent assembly performance, with no need for secondary processing and polishing, and easy to spray and color. With rich experience in BMC compression moulding and injection moulding, we can help customers to develop a variety of competitive products.


Besides SMC/BMC, we have also worked together with customers, R&D institutions and military enterprises long term, to explore molding technology and moulds, which includes carbon fiber mould and technology. 

UD/Kevlar  bulletproof composite materials forming mould: PF phenolic resin and MF melamine resin forming mould and other compression mouding mould. The application fields cover automobile lightweight, bulletproof helmet and plug board, aircraft and space industry, insulated electrical industry and architectural decoration industry.


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