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LV & HV cabinet

Product description

The switch cabinet is applied to the distribution system in the power plants, high-rise buildings, chemical industry, and petroleum, metallurgy and textile industries. In the large power plants and highly automated petroleum and chemical industries that require connecting with computers, it is used, as a complete low-voltage distribution equipment, for power distribution in the power generation and distribution system with three-phase AC frequency 50(60)Hz, 380V(400)(600) and rated current up to and including 4000A, and motor centralized-control and reactive power compensation.


II Service condition

1. Ambient temperature: -15'C~+40'C

2. Altitude: <=1000m

3. Air humidity:

daily average of Air humidity <=95%, daily average of partial vapor pressure <= 2.2kPa;

monthly average of Air humidity <=90%, monthly average of partial vapor pressure <= 1.8kPa

4. Earthquake intensity <= 8 degree

5. No corrosive or flammable gas

Special condition subject to users

III. Basic Parameters

Rated voltage of main circuit (V)

AC 380(400)(660)

Rated voltage of ancillary circuit (V)

AC 220 380(400) DC 110 220

Rated frequency (Hz)


Nominal insulation voltage (V)


Rated current (A)

Horizontal bus


Vertical bus (MCC)


Bus rated short-time withstand current (KV/1S)

50 80

Bus rated peak withstand current (KV/0.1S)

105 176

Degree of protection


IV. Main Structure The main structure adopts 8FM opening section steel, in both sides of which there are two mounting holes with modulus 20mm and 100mmφ9.2mm respectively. The internal mounting is flexible and convenient. The main structure has two alternatives of mode of assembly, i.e. fully assembled structure and the structure with welded part frames and beam. All the function chambers of the cabinet are separated. The compartments include a functional unit chamber, a bus chamber and a cable chamber. All the chambers are independent relatively. The horizontal main bus bar is arranged horizontally on the cabinet back for the purpose of enhancing the bus’s capability of resisting electromotive power. This is a basic measure to make the main circuit have a high short circuit withstand strength. The design of cable compartment enables the cables to pass through upwards or downwards to be extremely convenient.


 Product Characteristics:

1. Metal-enclosed and separately arranged, with high protection Category

2. Enclosure with Front -Cabinet protection and back-cabinet protection, the Board can be arranged and fixed along with the wall to save the spaces

3. Protection Category of enclosure reaches to IP4X,

4. Elec.Line Cabinet with full spaces for mount and arrange in-coming and out-going lines for the convenience of Fixing, protecting and maintaining



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