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Refrigerated transport truck

Product description

Truck Body

Key Features


Body is made of all-closed sandwich structure panels, which is made by special technology to vacuum form complete panels. We use free-Freon molding polyurethane foam as inner insulation materials. The internal and external coverings are integral FRP sheets (fiberglass reinforced polyester), therefore, homogeneous construction (without any metallic reinforcements).

Truck Body Outer Size


Truck Body Inner Size


Roof/Floor Panel

105mm Thickness

Side Wall Panel

85mm Thickness

Front Wall Panel

85mm Thickness

Rear Door Panel

85mm Thickness

Panel Structure

All Closed Sandwich

Panel Insulation

FRP + PU Foam + FRP

Side Door Quantity

None, Optional

Side Door Location

None, Optional

Side Door Type

Single/Double Opening

Side Door Size


Rear Door Type

Full Size Double Opening Rear Door, Right Hnad Rear Door Open First


System Type

None, Optional

Truck Body Flooring

Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy T Type Airflow Flooring

Cargo Control System

None, Optional

Ceiling Light

2 (Two) Sets of 12/24V Multi-Voltage LED

Marker Light

2 Sets Of White LED On Front;

2 Sets Of Red LED On Rear

Ceiling Light Switch

1 (One) Set of Automatic Time-Delayed 12/24V Multi-Voltage Switch

Insulating Curtain

European Standard -40C PVC Strip Curtain System For Rear Doors

Refrigeration Unit        Service Ladder

None, Optional

Refrigeration Unit       Service Platform

None, Optional


Common Refrigerated Transport Cargo Temperature Selection:


Product Series


Temperature Range


Meat Products

Fresh Meat  


Fresh Fish


Cooked Meat


Farm Produce

Edible Mushrooms


Fruit & Vegetables


Flower Grass Seedlings


Poultry Eggs


Sugar Alcohol Industry

Fresh Milk




Wine & Beer


Chocolate & Candy


Frozen Food



Ice Cream


Frozen Beef, Mutton, Pork, Fish & Poultry


Biomedical Products



Biochemicals, Medicines & Blood Plasma



Industrial Refrigeration was the first family business established in Qatar that has lead to further career growth and business expansion. The Industrial Refrigeration Division has awarded us an esteemed reputation and set us as a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier. Dedication and profound experience in our work remains the key behind our success and continuity.



A-Preliminary construction validation

The following checks should be carried out to satisfy the Installation Qualification stage. Essentially this is an inspection procedure designed to ensure that the vehicle meets required standards; these requirements should have been stated clearly in the procurement specification.

B-Temperature-controlling equipment

The refrigeration equipment should have an over-capacity of a least 1.75 times the overall heat ingress into the insulated body under operating conditions at +30.0°C ambient. If the predicted ambient temperature is above +30.0°C, it would be prudent to increase the over-capacity to In cold climates, heating capacity will also be required to provide low temperature protection if the temperature-controlled compartment needs to be maintained above 0.0°C.

C-Performance Checks 

The frozen transport the thermal insulation of the refrigerated compartment should have a K-coefficient of heat transfer of ≤0.4W/m2K, and for chilled transport a value of ≤0.7W/m2K. It is recommended that all new vehicles be selected with an insulation coefficient




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