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Refrigeration cold room

Product description

Industrial Refrigeration was the first family business established in Qatar that has lead to further career growth and business expansion. The Industrial Refrigeration Division has awarded us an esteemed reputation and set us as a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier. Dedication and profound experience in our work remains the key behind our success and continuity.

tempreture table for reference


cold storage goods

tempreture range

processing room


fruit, vegetable, dry food


medicine, cake, pastry, chemical material


ice storage room


fish, meat storage


deep freezer


compressor type and condenser

compressor type






air cooled

water cooled



Panels information

office Foam panel

50mm thickness

processing room 10C

50mm/ 75mm PU


75mm/ 100mm PU


100mm/ 150mm PU

-25C/ -35C

150mm/200mm PU

panel steel cover

SS, GI, aluminum etc

Panel thickness:100mm, 150mm Feature of modular cold room:

-- temperature range: -40~+15c are all available.

-- size: Customization..

-- functions: Fresh-keeping. Freezing, quick-freezing. Fire-proof. Air-conditioning are all available..

-- fully automatic control system. Components:

-- condensing unit: Bitzer, copeland, maneurop, fusheng.

-- evaporator: Eltess air-cooler.

-- insulation panel: Polyurethane (density is up to 40~46kg/m3 )

-- Other accessories: World-famous brands, like danfoss, castle, every control, Siemens,


Application:Food(meat, vegetable, fruit, dairy, drink), medicine, chemical, electronics, etc.

-- materials: Polyurethane and metal sheet. Metal sheet: It is can be with painted steel sheet and stainless steel sheet for choice..

-- with electric heating wire around doorframe to void icing..

-- safe doorknob inside..

-- positive plastic seal fixed to door to avoid cooling air losses..


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