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Qater Technical

Our business runs in the family for the last 40 years in Qatar, Mr. Gabi Mitri ,Managing Director ,has established his first company Alfa Industrial Refrigeration back in 1992 which then expanded under the name Qatar Technical. Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to constant improvement and quality consistency, and due to our continuous efforts and exceptional works in the areas of steel fabrication,industrial refrigeration, mold & machining,electrical enclosure, building decoration and house& living related project .We have accomplished a significant successful records.

Our growing technical potentials and aspirations to prove our work and stand as a leading manufacturer in the Private Sector lead the next natural step - Qatar Technical. In QT, we incorporated larger and advanced facilities in a production area of 30000 square meter with two factories, designed to support new-product development and further enhancement of our existing products by stressing on quality consistency and compliance with international standards. we provide our customers with a wide range of complete solutions tailored to their requirements.QT comprises of the following divisions:

1.Refrigeration &cold-chain Division

2.Enclosure Cabinet Division

3.Molding&Dies Division

4.Machining Division

5.Steel building Decoration Division

6.Shutter Door& Shelf Division

7.Steel Fabrication Division

8.Kitchen Appliance

9.Plastic Division

Qatar Technical Vision is to stand as a leading to stand as a leading institution in both the manufacturing and engineering fields, exceeding technical achievements in the quality and reliability of our products and services to encompass development in other non-technical aspects of human potential. A long-term process realized through the provision of knowledge and awareness towards achieving an advanced, safer and greener work environment.